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Dad, Can I Borrow the Keys?


To join "Dad, Can I Borrow the Keys?", Team #1270

      These instructions assume that you are already running a distributed.net client.  The client software (available for most OS/Platform combinations) is what does the actual testing of keys.  To find get a client, follow this link to the distributed.net clients page.

      To find out more about running a client, follow this link to distributed.net

      Note: all of our blocks will count together but you also retain the ability to view your own individual stats.


    1. Go to your individual stats listing from this page:  distributed.net statistics

    2. Search the "Participant Stats" for the E-mail address you used to register.  It may take some time before you're fully into the system if you just started (typically a day or two). Check back until you see some reasonable output.  If you registered under multiple E-mail addresses, click one and the stats for that address will be displayed (ultimately, repeat this and the following steps for each of your E-mail addresses).

    3. Scroll down to the bottom of your individual statistics and mail yourself a password.  Don't try to get a password at the team listing, this just sends a copy of the team coordinator password to me. Your password should arrive within 15 minutes.

    4. Back at Participant Stats summary, use the password you just received to "Edit your Information" -- this is found in the banner, under the words "Project Stats".

    5. There, you can affiliate yourself with our team.  Our team number is 1270 and the name is "Dad, Can I Borrow the Keys?".  It's important you enter the number correctly the first time, there is no second chance. Any blocks you've already completed will go to that team number, unquestioned.

    6. If you do make a mistake and affiliate with the wrong team, you can again "Edit Participant Information" and choose us.  All future work will then appear in our team summary.

      If you have problems following the steps above, please refer to distributed.net's help page.

      Finally, please subscribe to the distributed.net announce mailing list.  The load is light (only one message every few months, or at the start or end of a contest) and is the best way to keep informed about the contests that are running.


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