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Dad, Can I Borrow the Keys?

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 Updated Monday September 12, 2005

Many Blocks before We Sleep....

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"Dad, Can I Borrow the Keys?" is a team of people and machines harnessing the power of their computers to be part of the largest distributed computing project in the world.  Thanks to MediaOne RoadRunner, we can work on the project 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The work runs at a low priority, using otherwise unused CPU cycles, and is unnoticable in everyday use.

Currently, the team is trying to solve the CS-Cipher Challenge.  We automatically participate in other challenges as they come up.

distributed.net has cracked a number of encryption codes, confirming the belief that short (i.e. 56-bit) codes are unsafe for secure transactions and communication.

"Dad, Can I Borrow the Keys?" was initially organized by Tom Kirby.  Thanks to Tom for getting us interested in the project.

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